Johann Sebastian Bach

on Stamps from Europe


We could as well have collected First Day Covers with Johann Sebastian Bach and not just stamps with Johann Sebastian Bach - but we have not. But that might change one day.


Johann Sebastian Bach on

Stamps from South Europe


2011  Cyprus (Greek Part)


1985  Cyprus (Turkish Part)


1985  Italy


1985  Monaco



So ... - do you know why this block from Monaco is a Bach stamp too?


1995 Monaco


1985  San Marino



This is an absolute rarity, which was issued in the year 1985: the Bach stamp is located on a stamp of the year 1988.


1988  San Marino


Johann Sebastian Bach on

Stamps from Eastern Europe

The speciality coming with this Bach stamp? The spelling of the last name. No mistake - for the reason that Bach sounds like it is supposed to sound, you have to write Bach that way. Written Bah, it sound correct, when an Albanian reads the word: So: no spelling mistake.


1985  Albania


1985  Bulgaria



2000  Bulgaria


1970 Russia (CCCP)


1985 Russia (CCCP)


Bach is probably never mentioned smaller on a Bach stamp. However, what you see here on this website is much larger as on the stamp as an original. Very close to the large "30" there are the four letters, which specify one of the greatest composers of all times.


1966  Czechoslovakia



It's as if the back then Czechoslovakia had specialised, to illustrate the adored composers on their stamps not too much. However displayed in this size here on the website you find them. And on Flickr? More than ever.


1986  Czechoslovakia


1978  Hungary



1985  Hungary


1985  Poland


Bach stamp? Or Bach cinderella? Or neither nor?


2001  Tatarstan


Johann Sebastian Bach on

Stamps from Western Europe

How good, it is mentioned at lower edge of the stamp: the homage of Germany's neighbors in the west.


1980  France


2000  Belgium


2009  Netherlands


Johann Sebastian Bach on

Stamps from Austria


"Self-made." Not by us. But by an Austrian private mail company. Plus accepted by the international postage stamp collector societies. So, no cinderella. That means? Rare to find. Very rare.


2008  Austria


Johann Sebastian Bach on

Stamps from Northern Europe


1985  Denmark


1985  Ireland


How good, Scotland is mentioned here below "Staffa". And green holes: that is really special. If this is no cinderella, which of all my stamps is it than?


1985  Staffa (Scotland)



Eynhallow, an island in Scotland. No residents. That is to say more precisely: there are no residents for some 50 years. So we ask ourselves - how do you issue a Bach stamp there? What if we decide to overlook this here? Because - it is really a beauty, no question.


1985  Eynhallow (Scotland)


Johann Sebastian Bach on

Stamps from Germany

Font and "Deutsche Reich" are embarrassing enough. At least Germany in 1928 was not yet brown. German still was a parliamentary state, a democracy - the Weimar Republic.


1926  Germany



Terrible: since January 3oth 1933 German is "brown" and issued a Bach postage stamp in that era. For a long time particularly this stamp gave me a hard time and I had the feeling I should not offer this stamp any room in my collection. Now it is here - for the reason of completeness - with an immense discomfort.


1935  Germany


1950  Eastern Germany (DDR)


1950  Western Germany (BRD)


1961  Western Germany (BRD)


1965  Eastern Germany (DDR)


1971  Western Germany (BRD)


1985  Eastern Germany (DDR)


1985  Western Germany (BRD)


1985  Eastern Germany (DDR)



A postage stamp to honor Frederick the Great developed to a stamp that honors Bach at the same time? Why that is so and where actually Bach is hiding, is what you figure out with a click.


1986  Western Germany (BRD)



In 1989 the reunion of Germany stated. 1990 it is finally accomplished. October 3rd became a national holiday. 10 years later this Bach stamp was issued in reunited Germany.


2000  Germany



Where is Bach hidden on these stamps?


2003  Germany


2004  Germany



When will there be a next German postage stamp? 2015? Or as late as 2018? And why after all 2018?